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ISX15 560: Ideal Rating for Your Heavy-Haul Customers

Customers moving houses for a living, hauling heavy construction equipment across the Appalachian Mountains or transporting logs to a sawmill from Upper Canada need an engine that has plenty of torque to get the load moving – and plenty of horsepower to keep it moving.

ISX15 560 Rtg Torque ChartMeeting the special needs of such customers is the reason that Cummins has released the new ISX15 560 rating, with 1850 lb-ft (2508 N•m) of peak torque. The torque curve illustrates how the engine delivers low-end performance, as your customers can run all the way from 1150 rpm to 1500 rpm with a full 1850 lb-ft of torque, generating the power to pull the load efficiently.

The rating’s excellent low-end torque provides superior driveability that drivers quickly notice, as fewer downshifts are required when climbing hills or hauling a heavy load. Plus, the ISX15 560 delivers performance without compromise at high altitudes, such as driving across the Rockies.

While fuel economy is not necessarily the driving factor behind the purchase of an engine in these types of applications, your customers will appreciate the fact that the 2013/GHG2014-compliant ISX15’s class-leading performance can deliver a balance of productivity and efficiency, thanks to a larger fuel economy sweet spot. For more information, visit

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