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Cummins Expert Diagnostic System: Right on the Money

New EDS Screenshot_LargeCummins Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) helps your technicians get a faster, more accurate diagnosis. It also improves the accuracy and speed of warranty administration. Here’s how: EDS takes engine repair data from around the globe and compiles it in a central database, creating smarter troubleshooting trees for technicians to use. This is fed into to a Fault Code Analyzer that has been proven to reduce diagnostic steps by as much as 50 percent – often revealing the root cause in as few as three steps.

EDS also maintains a complete repair history for each customer’s engine – so if there’s a recurring issue two days or 1,000 miles down the road, the technician can review and eliminate potential causes.

All of this leads to faster, more accurate diagnosis with reduced labor time for repairs. Most important, customers get their vehicle back into revenue-producing service quicker than before.

EDS also helps to reduce redundancy and human error in billing and processing of claims. It is linked into the RAPIDSERVE™ Web system for warranty administration. Once the diagnostic session begins, a Diagnostic Session Identification (DSID) is created, and key information is automatically populated for fast, accurate warranty reimbursement and generation of warranty claim.

Dealers using EDS have reported significant customer benefits in reduced troubleshooting time and faster turnaround of vehicles. Labor accuracy rates have been improved by as much as 107 percent, so dealers are as pleased with the results as their customers are.

EDS training is available online at, with sessions available specifically for technicians, warranty administrators and service managers.

For additional details, download the Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) Brochure.

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