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Naturally Aspirated Air Compressor Offered as ISX15 Option

Customers looking to maximize fuel economy and reduce operating expenses can now opt for a naturally aspirated air compressor versus our turbocharged air compressor. The component is available for ISX15 400 hp and 425 hp ratings.

In addition to reducing operating costs, the fuel economy gains achieved with the naturally aspirated air compressor help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The naturally aspirated air compressor delivers an average increase of 1 percent better fuel economy in linehaul operations while reducing fuel use by as much as 2 percent in regional haul applications with a lot of stop and go routes.

What can drivers expect from a performance aspect? The naturally aspirated air compressor meets industry standards, building pressure at a controlled rate from 85 to 100 psi in approximately 25 seconds. It takes a little longer (an additional 40 to 60 seconds), compared with a turbocharged air compressor, to reach 145 psi – the highest level of air pressure required.

The naturally aspirated air compressor is a first fit option for your customers.

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