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INSITE 8.0.0 Provides Update to Licensing Capability and a New Level of Functionality

Continuous improvement is a way of life at Cummins. That includes our work with software programs such as INSITE, which provides you with the ability to set and adjust engine parameters, turn engine features on and off, create work orders, run diagnostic tests and load engine calibrations. With INSITE, you can also access trip information, fault trees, troubleshooting steps, wiring diagrams and more.

The latest version – INSITE 8.0.0 – has just been released, with updates to the licensing capability and process, and a new Simulator Mode that allows you to demo the features of INSITE without purchasing a license.

You can easily revalidate your license by connecting to the Internet at least once every 90 days. INSITE 8.0.0 allows you – via an Internet connection – to activate, repair, revalidate and transfer your licenses. The process is less time-consuming than before, as you will be able to quickly activate your license(s) using the Activation Key or QuickServe® Online (QSOL) login information. Multiple licenses can now be purchased in a single transaction, and you can transfer a license from one computer to another. You also have the ability to purchase product-specific versions of INSITE, tailored to the equipment you service.

Simulator Mode allows potential users to view the features of INSITE 8.0.0 without purchasing a license. Simulator Mode has been created for those who want to demo features or train someone who does not have a license on INSITE. In Simulator Mode, you can view all the features of INSITE, excluding calibration download, without purchasing a license. Simulator Mode is read-only, and you cannot connect to an Electronic Control Module (ECM) to view “live” data. You also cannot view work orders and/or images created on a “live” engine, only work orders and/or images that have been created in Simulator Mode.

For additional details about INSITE 8.0.0, visit, scroll down to What is New with our Electronic Service Tools? and click on Licensing Training Material.

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