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Encore Coverage Now Available for Pre-Owned 2010 Engines

Purchasers of pre-owned Cummins 2010 on-highway engines can now obtain Encore Extended Coverage for their engines. Encore coverage plans give owners of previously owned vehicles peace of mind, and protect them against unexpected repair bills. The plans have no deductible, and do not require dynamometer testing before purchase. An initial inspection is required, which must take place within a 6 month/500 mile (804 km) period prior to application for coverage.

2010 engines eligible for Encore coverage include ISX15 diesels. Terms of coverage are as follows:

  • ISX15 – Two coverage options are available. Encore Protection Plan 2 includes internal components, major components and major engine systems, including cooled EGR major components for 1 year or 100,000 miles (160,934 km). The second option is Encore Extended Major Components coverage only, for 2 years or 200,000 miles (321,869 km).

Encore Protection Plan 2 includes:

  • Cylinder head assembly
  • Rocker lever assembly
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM)
  • Piston, rings and liners
  • Lube oil cooler assembly
  • Cylinder block assembly
  • Crankshaft assembly
  • Front gear cover
  • Oil pan
  • Connecting rod assembly
  • Lube pump assembly
  • Camshaft and bushings
  • Cam follower assemblies
  • EGR cooler, valve and mixer

Encore Extended Major Components includes:

  • Cylinder block casting
  • Cylinder head casting
  • Crankshaft forging
  • Camshaft forging
  • Cam follower assembly
  • Connecting rods and caps
  • Intake manifold castings
  • Aftercooler housing
  • Rocker lever assembly
  • Rocker lever housing
  • Gear train gears
  • Brake housing
  • Brake piston

Encore Protection Plans for 2010 engines are available to second vehicle owners and later on a “one time per owner” limited basis. If you have customers who are interested in purchasing a plan or need additional information, please contact your local Cummins distributor, who will initiate the process for you.

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