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EDS: The Technician’s Guide to Better Service

Cummins Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) makes troubleshooting easier than ever, reducing downtime for your customers with fewer callbacks while improving technician productivity. EDS even automates many of the steps used for filing and reimbursement of warranty claims, for more accurate billing and faster payment.

EDS takes repair information on every Cummins engine from around the globe, and compiles it into a database that’s used to develop “smart” troubleshooting trees that are constantly updated. Dealers already using EDS report a reduction of diagnostic steps by up to 50 percent overall, and usually locate the root cause of an engine issue in as few as three diagnostic steps. One of the key features is the Fault Code Analyzer, accessed through QuickServe® Online (QSOL). Technicians enter the Engine Serial Number (ESN) and fault codes recorded over the past 25 hours, and the Fault Code Analyzer automatically puts the fault codes and repair procedures into sequence, starting with the most probable cause first.

EDS also improves the warranty claim process. The process is integrated with RAPIDSERVE™ Web so that once the Diagnostic Session ID (DSID) is put into the system, the correct diagnostic Standard Repair Times (SRTs) are automatically entered on the form for reimbursement. There’s no rekeying of information, making the process more accurate and efficient for you and your customers.

Faster turnaround makes for happier customers as well as improved workflow in the shop. You can learn more from our EDS online training center at Just click on My Applications in the left navigation panel, then click Expert Diagnostic System (EDS), and follow the EDS link to the training courses.

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