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Vehicle Acceleration Management – A New Feature that Cuts Fuel Costs

The Cummins 2013 ISX15 comes with a new electronic feature called Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) that can be set using the programmable parameters in your engine’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) with PowerSpec 5.3 or later.

VAM improves fuel economy for your customers as they accelerate to their target road speed, while also compensating for changes in mass as the vehicle is unloaded. The result is smoother shifting and acceleration, with less fuel used. Smoother operation of the vehicle also reduces tire and driveline wear.

VAM is enabled using PowerSpec 5.3. After this feature is enabled, parameters will be set to the default settings. These settings can then be adjusted to meet the specific needs of a driver, route or fleet. Cummins default settings have been established for optimal fuel economy while maintaining good acceleration. Before the settings are adjusted, it’s recommended to test them and gather driver feedback.

Customers who will benefit most from this new programmable feature are pickup-and-delivery fleet owners operating in urban routes, as well as operators of vehicles used in stop-and-go traffic. Testing has shown that VAM can deliver up to 1 percent fuel economy improvement in these duty cycles.

To use PowerSpec 5.3, visit the download page on

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