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Reduce Downtime with Cummins EDS

Part of building a great relationship with your customer is making sure that when engine service is needed, it gets handled promptly and correctly. That’s where Cummins Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) can help.

EDS provides technicians with a tool that cuts diagnostic steps by 40 to 50 percent. EDS tracks engine repair data on engines from around the globe to constantly update the database, and provides an online repair guide that ensures correct repair procedures in a logical step-by-step process. This is a smart system that constantly “learns” from repair data to continually update its recommendations, so technicians get access to the best troubleshooting and repair practices faster than ever before.

EDS is like a virtual mentor for less experienced technicians, giving them the tools to handle the repair process quickly. Of course, the real benefit to your customers is less downtime during a service event when using EDS.

Another advantage of the EDS system is in the warranty claim process. Once a repair has been initiated in EDS, all your warranty administrator needs to do is enter the Diagnostic Session Identification (DSID) code into the warranty claim form on RAPIDSERVE™ Web, and all of the appropriate troubleshooting Standard Repair Times (SRT) data for the validated EDS cases will automatically populate, for faster entry and reimbursement.

Hundreds of authorized Cummins dealers are already using EDS to expedite the diagnosis and repair process. A dealer from Washington reported, “The system is very user-friendly for techs and administrative staff. EDS has proven to reduce excessive troubleshooting time, to our customers’ benefit – and to ours. We use EDS for both customer billable and warranty repairs, and are recovering more troubleshooting dollars than ever before – especially with difficult-to-diagnose situations. I highly recommend every dealer of any size to use EDS, it is hands-down the most efficient and effective troubleshooting system for Cummins engines.”

EDS is in limited production, and can be accessed at under Related Tools. Training, a user guide, frequently asked questions and more can be found on that page. For additional details, contact your Cummins distributor.

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