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3 to 6 Percent Better Fuel Economy with Cummins and Eaton® Powertrain Package

Cummins and Eaton have jointly developed a totally integrated powertrain package delivering 3 to 6 percent better fuel economy and smoother shifting. The Cummins Heavy-Duty ISX15 engine with new SmartTorque2 ratings is paired with the Eaton® Fuller Advantage™ Series 10-speed automated transmission, utilizing advanced control technologies that integrate power, fuel and shifting strategies.

The Eaton Fuller Advantage Series transmission is a small-step 10-speed overdrive model that has been designed specifically for reduced weight and less maintenance. Precise lubrication technology eliminates the need for a cooler in most applications, as well as reducing internal parasitics, further improving fuel economy. This, together with extensive use of aluminum and a thin-wall, cast iron main case, reduces transmission weight by 75 pounds compared with Eaton’s UltraShift® PLUS LAS base model.

The Cummins ISX15 has two new SmartTorque2 ratings: 415 hp (1450/1650 lb-ft peak torque) and 450 hp (1550/1750 lb-ft peak torque). New SmartTorque2 logic precisely adjusts for vehicle weight, road grade and the desired road speed, selecting the torque curve that best matches load demand. These ISX15 engines also include Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM), a patented electronic feature that manages vehicle acceleration for smoother shifting and provides fuel economy benefits in applications with stop-and-go duty cycles.

The powertrain package is scheduled for production in fall 2013. For additional details, download the Cummins and Eaton Powertrain Package brochure.

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