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Cummins ISX15 Continuous Improvements

As part of Cummins commitment to providing first class customer support, we’ve improved the Heavy-Duty ISX15, with reduced maintenance and simplified operation.

Reduced Check Engine Lamps
Some customers with earlier model ISX15 engines (built from 2010 to 2011) may experience a higher frequency of Check Engine lamps and vehicle speed and engine torque derates. A heavy-duty product improvement calibration is now available for all ISX15 engines built in 2010 and 2011, which will lessen the frequency of Check Engine lamps.

No-Maintenance Hydrocarbon Doser
A new hydrocarbon doser design has been implemented on all 2013 ISX15 engines, so that the doser no longer requires maintenance. The hydrocarbon doser in the Cummins Aftertreatment System previously required cleaning every 150,000 miles (240,000 km). The new hydrocarbon doser design is standard on all 2013 ISX15 engines, and is available for 2010 ISX15 engines, eliminating the need for maintenance. If your customers are interested in this upgrade, contact your distributor for more information.

DPF Maintenance Change for Better Reliability
Cummins is a technology leader, designing and integrating our own Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) across a wide range of applications and vehicles for many years. This expertise and unmatched level of experience has resulted in a highly capable product that does a great job at reducing emissions.

Cummins is focused on improving the reliability and durability of the DPF found in Cummins Aftertreatment Systems, and has modified the maintenance schedule to recommend maintenance at 200,000-mile (320,000 km) intervals, which helps ensure that ash buildup and regeneration events are kept to a minimum. Fewer regenerations will help maintain fuel efficiency, and following the recommended maintenance interval will result in better reliability and durability of the ceramic wall-flow filter inside the DPF.

New Cummins ReCon DPF
Cummins is now offering ReCon DPFs through the core exchange process, providing customers an option to replace their DPF at the new recommended interval of 200,000 miles (320,000 km).  Customers will get a factory remanufactured filter meeting the original condition and performance specs. And with credit for the core, which is being exchanged, it’s a cost effective and time efficient alternative to DPF cleaning. Your customers should know that this is only for engines manufactured from 2010 to 2012. Contact your Cummins distributor if you’re interested in more information.

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