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What’s New in PowerSpec 5.2

Every customer should have the best information when spec’ing a truck. PowerSpec 5.2 allows you to easily customize the spec, operation and information reporting for each customer.

PowerSpec 5.2 has a new look and feel that’s easier to navigate and quicker to use, and incorporates new features. It includes customized gearing recommendations that differ between on-highway interstate fleet operations and fleets that operate predominantly on two-lane highways and regional roads.

A new parameter setting feature in PowerSpec 5.2 allows for enhanced idle control. Many fleets – particularly those concerned with maximizing fuel economy – are finding that the Ambient Air Temperature Idle Control feature is a helpful tool to reduce excessive idling and fuel use during rest stops. This fully configurable feature allows fleets to adjust idling operation based on external temperatures to the single degree. Managing the engine idling function can increase a fleet’s fuel economy by up to 3 percent.

PowerSpec 5.2 also has enhanced information reporting, with graphs for easy visual recognition of data trends. Customers can use it to plot fuel economy month by month using bar graphs and charts that are easy to read and understand.

Be sure you’re using the latest version of PowerSpec to ensure that you have access to the correct gearing calculator for Cummins 2013 engines. Update your version of PowerSpec at

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