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Driver Tips for Maximum Fuel Economy

Cummins 2013 engines are getting better fuel economy than last year’s models – up to 2 percent better. Our 2013 Driver Tips Card helps maximize that advantage. Some tips include:

  • Lower drive speeds – At interstate speeds, each 1 mph (1.6 kph) increase equals a 0.1 mpg (0.04 km/L) decrease. For example, driving at 65 mph instead of 70 mph can save 0.5 mpg (0.21 km/L) and create roughly a 7 percent improvement in fuel economy.
  • Run in top gear more than 90 percent of the time – Every 10 percent drop in time in top gear equals approximately a 3 percent to 5 percent decrease in fuel economy.
  • Decrease idle rpm and idling time – Using the lowest idle speed possible helps reduce fuel use by up to 0.5 gal/hr (1.89 L/hr). Every hour of idle time that you eliminate can increase your vehicle’s fuel economy by as much as 1 percent.
  • Follow proper driving habits – Sudden braking, rapid acceleration, early downshifting and other poor driving habits can negatively impact fuel economy by as much as 30 percent.

These fuel economy tips, plus more information on the operation of our 2013 engines, are easily viewed and printed in the Cummins 2013 Driver Tips Card.

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