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Dealer Certification Pays Dividends

Trucking fleets may question whether their dealers are certified to work on their engines. Having Cummins-certified technicians at your dealership is one way to ensure that you are ready to answer your customers’ questions about repairs. Plus, only factory-trained technicians are qualified to make Cummins warranty repairs. Being a Cummins-certified dealership includes having up-to-date parts and tooling and qualified technicians ready to work on our products.

To get your technicians certified, Cummins offers a combination of online and hands-on training that makes it easier to get the knowledge and experience needed to service today’s Cummins engines.

A dealer needs at least one trained technician per location to be Cummins-certified. Cummins also strongly recommends that everyone performing troubleshooting on an engine be trained on that specific product.

There are two phases to the technician qualification. The first is for the technician to complete training available through Cummins Virtual College (look under “Information Products and Tools”), which can be done online at the technician’s convenience. Once the course has been completed, the technician receives a temporary qualification. This allows him or her to work on a specific engine.

Full qualification does not happen until the technician completes classroom training. This hands-on training allows technicians to work on actual engine hardware and software, utilizing the latest in Cummins software and tools. Instructors demonstrate how to use the troubleshooting trees, with emphasis on the most recent changes and additions to our engines and aftertreatment system. Classroom training for 2013 Cummins engines takes eight days to complete.

Having access to the largest, best-trained and best-equipped parts and service network in North America is a huge advantage for your customers with Cummins-powered trucks, and is a great business opportunity for you.

Please contact your Cummins distributor for additional details about the technician training schedule, as well as for help ordering tools. Your distributor can also provide you with the deadlines for temporary certification, the length of the grace period and how to handle warranty repairs if full certification is not achieved within specified time limits.

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